Oh Baby! Baby!

According to a newspaper report, a lot of women are putting off motherhood till they entered their forties.  Reason- they are busy actualizing a career, chasing a dream job. According to the report, a lot of them turn to artificial methods of conception like IVF (in vitro fertilization) as their biological clocks have slowed down making it difficult for them to conceive. But is waiting till you are forty to have a baby a good idea? Don't label me to be conservative when I say this, but I think women should start planning to have babies by the time they hit mid-thirties or not have a child at all.

Before you point out and say- easy for you to say this- you don't have a baby as yet, how do you know what you're talking about; let me tell you about a close family friend who has undergone innumerable treatments trying to conceive and has been unsuccessful till now. She tells me how painful it can be. The injections and medication leave her with very little energy to go to work or do simple chores. I also know of an elderly couple who accepted long time ago that they can't have children and have embraced their situation. And of a couple who were in a similar situation not so long ago, until they decided to adopt a little one.

While I do agree that the choice is entirely up to each woman to make, I feel it all comes down to respecting your body. To either conceive before you hit mid-thirties while your body is fully equipped to do so; let go off the idea of having a child or adopt when you’re ready. Why put your body through the trauma of artificial inseminations, painful drugs and equally painful injections when it is already being affected by ill effects of working on the laptop for long hours, talking on the mobile phone, eating junk food and lack of exercise?

Give it a thought- is being more socially acceptable by having a baby more important than your health? And then, what is wrong with the idea of having no kids at all? Yesterday I was watching an episode of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ where the very career-minded Robin tells her husband-to-be that she might never want to have kids. And he calls off the wedding at the snap of a finger. I mean, that’s her prerogative right? Her body, her choice! Why can’t a man and woman choose to only be companions for life? After all, that’s what it comes down to, right? Especially if you look at old couples whose kids have moved on and out of their homes; they’re just companions to each other from that point on.

Don’t you think the right thing to do is to have a baby only if you are completely ready for the responsibility and take it up for the full time job it is than to have one because your body isn’t growing any younger? Tell me what you think.


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