Be Positive!!

Firstly, sorry for not posting anything over the last few days. Things have been busy with my level one Spanish test coming up and a few household errands I had to tend to. Recently I heard that a lady my family knew passed on. The reason- lot of stress. But according to my grandmom, she had everything- a happy marriage, well-settled children, a comfortable apartment, a car- everything that is a counted as a good life nowadays. So what was she unhappy about that gave her so much stress?

Are we living in a world where nothing is ever enough? Do smallest of things lead us to think negatively, lead to a chain of negative thoughts that we end up having a headache from all the thinking? Isn't life about finding joy in small things? Should we really bog ourselves down because the help didn't turn up today or because your neighbour just told you how their car was better than theirs or because your cousin's son got a job abroad (preferably US) and because your best friend just got the latest branded jeans while you were too busy thinking about your next career move?

Isn't it quite obvious that negative thoughts like these do end up having a bad effect on our health and only make us more unhappy. Isn't it time we cheered ourselves up with small gestures we can instead of wallowing in b=negative emotions like jealousy, envy, self pity and anger? So, what are you waiting for? Get up, head out for a stroll in a garden, make yourself a cup of tea, count your blessings, be thankful and gracious for what you have, strike a conversation with the almighty and tell the force how wonderful and kind he/ she has been and that if you weren't put through the hardships you faced, you wouldn't shape up to be the person you are today. So, be thankful for what happened, what is going on now, what holds int he future and move on. Face a new day with a smile :)


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