Ways to Change Yourself for the Better

Sometimes, we get too caught up in life's mundane routine so much that we let many opportunities to change it for the better slip by. And by the time we realise that, we are already caught up in a web of spouse, kids, job, gym, chores. Make sure you do have your share of fun along the way and that you don't miss out on other important/interesting things/ people life has to offer on the side. Try these big/small changes at least once and see how that goes.

  • Try a new vocation

- switch jobs, apprentice/ intern for a different role.
  • Take a long vacation- within the country, outside the country- the choices are endless

Start saving small

- for travel, for a music class, or for that car you've always dreamt of owning.
  • Spend more time with your loved ones

- because you can never have enough of it
  • Talk positively to yourself- I am rich, I have great hair, I am a successful musician, dancer... say positive reinforcing things to yourself. It will give your confidence a boost.

Do something new with a friend

- hiking, pottery, photography...the possibilities are endless.
  • Eat well, sleep well- essentially defines, our mood, our health and our overall wellbeing. Add 5- 10 minutes of meditation to that.


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