Canapes Topped with Mushroom-Cheese Pesto

We had friends come over for coffee the last weekend. Well, the coffee eventually ended up being early dinner, as it was a Friday, when everyone else was rushing home for the start of the weekend. They turned up late for coffee due to traffic. So, the coffee accompaniments I had prepped ended up being served as appetizers.

6-7 mushrooms, steamed
6-7 dates de-seeded
10 pistachios
1 tomato
4-5 cloves of garlic
150 gms mozarella cheese
12- 13 canape baskets- you could smear them with olive oil and toast them in the microwave for a minute if you like.
2 1/2 tsp pepper or according to your spice tolerance
salt to taste

Quarter the mushrooms, the tomatoes, tear the cheese into bit sized pieces and put it all together with dates, pistachios, garlic and pepper into a chopper/food processor.
Blitz it for about a minute. transfer the mixture in to a bowl, add salt and mix well.
Using a teaspoon, top each canape carefully and serve.

I suggest to add the salt just when you are ready to serve, or it may make the mixture soggy.
Serves four; can be served as a tea time snack or as an appetizer.


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