Hello Again!

I'm back after a really long time. Having quit my last job (at a tabloid), I will have more time to blog now. And during this transitional period, I've decided to make a few changes to my routine-I've decided not to wash my hair for a month-except for give it a rinse every two days and scrub the roots with baking soda once a week and see how that turns out. It may sound icky, but shampoo wasn't invented till the late 17th century and men and women did just fine with their manes till then. Also, I have medium length curly hair (loose curls) that I find tough to maintain during hot, sticky summers. So, I've decided to go the easy (lazy) route, by only conditioning my locks every time I rinse and skip the shampoo routine.

I have also decided to include more veggies in my diet and reduce intake of carbs in a bid to stay healthier and fitter. Let's see how these work out to be. In the meantime, happy experimenting with food and keep it cool with lots of fluids- limbu panis, watermelon juice, lassi, aam panna, coconut water, jaljeera- the list is endless!


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