Inspiration comes our way in many forms- people, books, poems, websites, nature, places... the possibilities are endless. Here, however, I am going to list the blogs I admire and those that inspired me to start this blog.

Cupcakes and cashmere
This blog by Emily Schuman is all the things that inspire her or those that she thinks adds a special touch to life- fashion, decor, food or just life in general.

Purple foodie
This blog is by Shaheen Peerbhai, who graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, Paris. Her fortes include desserts and baked dishes.

Kitchen konfidence
This SanDiego blog, is by Brandon Matzek, who loves experimenting with regional seasonal cuisine.

Veg recipes of India
This is one of the few sites that doesn't make vegetarian food boring. Managed by Dassana and Amit, they have recipes of all kinds-vegan, no onion-garlic, street food, regional Indian treats and more.

Global veg cooking
Like the name suggests, this blog by Anuradha Harish, a home maker, is all about vegetarian food from all around the world.

A cup of Jo
Motherhood, travel, culture and fashion! This blog by Joanna Goddard is a delight to read. And her baby pictures are so cute!

The sartorialist
Scott Schuman, the man behind this blog, sure has an eye for detail. All the models he photographs, are always well put together- there's great use of colour, print, silhouettes and accessories.

The beauty department
Beauty junkies, Amy and Kristin, have a solution for everything- right from how to conceal dark circles or a pimple to how to make your hair frizz-free or make your colour last longer.

So guys, this is my list of blogs that I love checking from time to time for new ideas. What's on your list?


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